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Our Mission


Who are we?


Albatross Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in April 2011.

Our Vision is to build a global organization dedicated to educating the world’s youth on sustainable development with innovative and fun educational tools.

Our Mission in the first year was to target mainly at Chinese primary school children focusing on awareness about environment and the conservation of natural ecosystems. 



Why the focus on China?

The assessment of the global ecosystem has raised critical concerns urging us to rethink our responsibility to Earth’s environment.

In its latest five-year plan, the Chinese government has indicated that sustainability is a major priority by setting new benchmarks for clean energy and environmental protection. 

We are committed to educating children on the latest practice of sustainable living by inviting experts in green technology and Corporate Social Responsibility to address issues such as Energy consumption, Recycling and Eco-gestures in China.



Why the focus on Environmental Education?

The continued destruction of the Earth’s environment is a problem that demands action. We believe that education is just such an action. Together, we can build the foundation for the construction of a sustainable world.

The books and training programs we have developed are aimed at increasing awareness among young Chinese about respect for one’s environment, the fragility our planet’s resources (including water), climate change and biodiversity. We believe that with the participation of local organizations and large companies, we will be able to reach a large number of children.