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Founding Members of Advisory Committee


An Advisory Committee composed of experts advising on the technical issues of the Foundation:


Dr. Narany An, President of Cambodian National Committee for French-Speaking Countries;                                              

PhD. of Telecommunication Engineering, France

Dr. François Blanc, In charge of France’s bilateral economic relationships for Eastern China;                                      

Veterinarian and graduate from Ecole Normale d’Administration of France, ENA, France

Dr. Sarah Mavrinac, President of Aidha, NGO dedicated to financial education for migrants;                                                

PhD. Harvard Business School

Dr. Pascal Metivier, Vice President and R&D Director at Rhodia Asia-Pacific;                                                                    

PhD. At University Louis Pasteur and Professor “honoris causa” of Zhengzhou University, China

Dr. C.J. Meadows, Chair of The Tiger Center, environmental NGO in Khana, India;                                                          

PhD. Harvard Business School

Dr. Edward Kwakwa, General Counsel at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva;                                

PhD. in International law at Yale University

Dr. Raymond Zoukpo, Chief Operating Officer African Development Bank in Tunisia;                                                      

PhD. In Economics Tsukuba University, Japan


Dr. He Lu, Management Consultant of Strategy LPDA;


PhD. Engineering Sciences at Compiegne University, France