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Projects in France

The unique mode of financing with our philanthropic commerce

 www.create2donate.net (1/3 of the funds go to the creator, 2/3 to our cause). 2 artists, Philippe Tournaire and Celine Rous have already participated actively in this initiative. Other artists will rejoin us in the near future.

Selected at the Trophées Pro Bono 2018 of the “Barreau de Paris”

Due to its concept of “l-foundation” with zero employees, zero fixed cost, but 100 volunteer founding members from around the world. The entirety of the profits are given to the Albatross Foundation.

December 2017, the Launch of the Albatross Foundation in France

With the presence of Cheryl Law, the volunteer General Manager of the Foundation, based in China, where it develops programs of societal responsibility for businesses based on empathy.

Weekend of the 9 of September 2018

Reunion of the Founders of the Albatross Foundation in the headquarters of the Albatross in Pouilly-les- Feurs, France

Art therapy in the Albatross Foundation headquarters in Buis

The idea for this studio originates from the initiative Annick Bournas, the president of the “A Tout Crin” association as well as Josiane Pignard, the president of the “Art Astrée” association, who leads the lessons in painting and watercolor. The studio is led by an educator specialized in art therapy, a medical psychologist, a specialist in equitherapy, as well as volunteers.

Equestrian activities

The Albatross foundation strives to support initiatives with the purpose of facilitating equestrian activities for all persons with a handicap, wether it be mental or physical. These activities range from having a therapeutic, re-educational, athletic, or leisurely aim.

Albatross Camp

Since 2015 children have been participating in the Albatross summer camp. The camp is free, and located on the domain of the Albatross foundation, welcoming children from diverse origins, including children from the environmental classes of the Ecole Arc en Ciel Albatross, the scout camps, and children from Shangai.

Albatross cooking studio

Albatross cooking studio- in partnership with the restaurant Les Dutchy’s in Buis at Puilly-les-Feurs

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