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Mission, vision, approach

Our Mission

Albatross Foundation aims to train as many young people as possible in the field of sustainable development, first in China and then around the world, in the knowledge that programs are already underway in France. A large number of stakeholders participated in the Upstream Pro Bono framework in the development of the Foundation's strategy, positioning and business plan, including, KPMG, Equancy, Slocat, CEIBS (Chinese, European and International Business School), EMI Lyon, HEC, Solvay/Rhodia.

Because we believe that the protection of the planet should not be the monopoly of a single organization, we work in multiple ways with different partners in order to raise awareness regarding sustainable development in the world.

We work with partner institutions, scientists, artists (http://create2donate.org/create2donate-concept), lawyers (https://www.albatrosslegal.org) and many volunteer communities to help develop sustainable living conditions.

« Our mission is to educate children on sustainable development with fun and interactive tools »

Our Vision

The continued destruction of the Earth's environment is a problem that requires action. We believe that education is an effective and sustainable action. Together, we can lay the foundations for building a purer world.

The books and training programs we have developed aim at raising awareness among young people regarding respect for the environment, the fragility of our planet's resources (including water), climate change and biodiversity.

We believe that with the participation of local and national organizations, we will be able to reach a large number of children

Our Approach

Albatross Foundation operates under a new concept of "i-foundation" with no fixed costs and no employees and with a wide range of high caliber volunteers. Albatross Foundation works project-by-project on an ad hoc basis based on funding raised on specific projects (similar to organizations such as the World Bank which operate by multi-disciplinary projects).

Albatross Foundation favors a "viral" approach to programs so as to train as many people as possible and through which Albatross training courses will train trainers themselves (Train-the-Trainer method).

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