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Existing E-learning Platform for Children


Keywords: games, online magazine, cartoon, create own online cartoon characters, interactive with real life events, environmental career introduction, fun design (e.g. the Airplane cursor), communication with other kids, create a story background, theme song.


         1. e-Learning for Kids

- a global non-profit foundation

- Provides free computer-based learning courses on the Internet or via CD ROM for children between 5 and 12.

- Released 2 new courses in Environmental Skills curriculum developed by Upside Learning, a global leader in custom e-Learning development.


2. EnvKids

- Environmental Sustainability Training for Children through online Simulation, Exploration and Collaboration

- ENVKIDS provides value-adding online tools that complement existing practices and promote collaboration among European schools. At the same time the activities will promote children’s ICT skills.

- Funded with support from the European Commission.

- In January 2012 the EnvKids tools were officially approved by the Greek Ministry of Education for formal use in all Greek primary schools.                              


3. PreSchool EEA E-learning Module

- Programmed by National Environment Agency, Singapore Government



          - A PBS website teaches kids ages 6-9 how they can help take care of the earth.

          - Animated characters use games and activities to present facts about ecosystems and pollution.

          - Children can build their own “EekoCreature” and help it overcome environmental problem.


          5.Nature Challenge for Kids

- The David Suzuki Foundation website starts out with 10 simple ways you can protect nature, followed by 4 challenge activities that offer first-hand experience with the natural world.


     6.Kids Planet

- Species fact sheets, wild games, web of life, how kids can help defend the environment, even a Wildlife Adoption Center.



- The U.N. Environment Programme magazine for teens about sustainable living.


8.Kids Regen

- A place for children to interact with other kids, play, and have fun while learning the important connections between healthy soil/environment, healthy food, and healthy people.

- The Rodale Institue’s Youth Educational Program


9.The Green Squad

- This NRDC website shows how to identify and solve environmental problems.


10.The Big Blue Bus

- Learn about protecting the world’s water sources.

- Kids ages 8 to 16 can sign up as Water Wizards, with a Small Fry Club for kids under 7.

- Cartoon characters introduce games and activities while teaching about all things watery.


11.Global Warming Kids Site

- This EPA site explains what global warming is and what causes it, and what you can do to help stop it.

- Provide definitions of each scientific term used and features simple global warming-themed games.


12.Kids Go Wild

- Wild news, wild animal facts, environmental games.

- Kids get involved in conservation by joining Conservation Kids.

- Sponsored by The Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at Bronx Zoo.


13.Roofus’ Solar Home

- Meet a dog named Roofus who’s an expert on solar energy and energy efficiency.


14.Recyle City

- Create your own Recycle City scavenger and explore Recycle City.

- Learn the basics of recycling.


15.Kids Saving Energy

- Games, tips, facts and information for kids to learn how to save energy.

- Published by the US Department of Energy.


16.EPA Student Center

- Games, information on environmental issues.

- Include a section on environmental careers.


17.Field Trip Earth

- Travel the world via interviews, discussion groups, field reports, essays, slide shows and educator resources.

- Use the airplane cursor to select a wildlife conservation project you’d like to visit.


18.Children of the Earth

- Promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plans, water, soil, air and energy systems.

- Teaches kids the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions.


19.Flying WILD

- A bird education offering for middle school kids to learn through researching, planning, and hosting a school bird festival.

- Initiated by the Council for Environmental Education (CEE).



- The “treetures” are tiny guardians of the forest who teach about trees and how important they are to the environment.

- Kids can listen to the Treeture theme song, or send a TreeMail message to favorite character.

21.Earth Matters 4 Kids

- Correlates science with basic environmental principles, helping teachers, students (K-6) and community members gain a full understanding of how science works in natural surrounding.